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Podcast Episode 5 (128-90 steps/min)- 4 Non-Fiction Books You Have to Read

National Book-Lovers Day was earlier this week. We’re celebrating by walking and talking about Brook’s favorite non-fiction books for self-improvement.

Expect the walking pace to be easier than episodes 1-4. This one starts as a power walk at 128 steps-per-minute (approx 4MPH/15-minute mile), but soon drops to 90 steps-per-minute (a smidge over 3MPH/20-minute mile).

Brook will recommend her four favorite non-fiction books for self-improvement (and reveal a lot of personal information along the way) and add on a bonus heavy-but-highly recommended book.

Here they are, along with podcasts that discuss the books to give you additional great listens for your walking workouts!

Bold Move by Dr. Luana Marquez


The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter


The Universal Christ by Father Richard Rohr


Tiny Habits by Dr. BJ Fogg


Also mentioned in the podcast is Prevention Premium.


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