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Podcast Episode 7 - Get Healthy You

Walk further and faster than we have in any previous podcast episode. Today’s walk and talk will cover 3,000 steps, while walking at a pace of 140 steps/min (4.5 MPH) to the beat of Royalty Free Fitness Music. Sweat Like a Mother is now “More Than Sweat.” It’s about making you whole, cleverly disguised as a sweat fest. Topics: Athleroscerotic Cardiovascular Disease The sedentary crisis in America Obesity statistics Ultra-processed foods- why they’re bad; what’s good What the future looks like if this continues What you can do about it Special thanks to The Fitt Insider for providing data and asking the question, “how do we reverse these trends?” We, meaning I, Brook Benten, start by releasing this podcast. IG, FB, YouTube, LinkedIn @BrookBenten

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. (5 stars on Apple Podcasts helps to grow the show. Thanks in advance for the love!)

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