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Dancing Queen breakdown: Part 5 of 8

Dynamos, the time has finally come to add this much with music!

Review Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 prior to adding this without the context of the opening choreography. Part 5 is a breeze, because it just repeats moves you've already learned from Part 3!

After quickly jogging your memory of the chorus choreography (Part 5), we'll turn on the music and put together this much, from the top! I'll face the same direction as you to be sure there's no confusion on footwork.

In three teeny tiny more tutorials, you'll have the whole dance down! We have a Zoom Live practice coming up in one month, on July 7 at 6pm CST, details below. Sign up for that practice session at

By providing you with these short pieces, whether you can attend the next Zoom Live practice (on Wednesday, July 7 at 6pm CST) or not, you'll be totally prepared for the real deal Flash Mob, which will go down at 100 Blue Hole Park Georgetown, TX 78626 at 6pm CST on my 40th birthday, Wed, Aug. 11. {For those who can stay and play after the Flash Mob, we'll have drinks at El Monumento. El Mon is an interior Mexican restaurant with a contemporary twist, adjacent to Blue Hole Park}.

If you don't plan on attending a practice, but will be at the "real deal" August 11 at 6pm CST, please email me at so that I know to plan on your presence.


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