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Dancing Queen breakdown: Part 3 of 8

Hold on to your air guitar, Dynamos! Part 3 is the most challenging of the 8-part choreography breakdown.

Review Part 1 and Part 2 prior to adding this without the context of the opening choreography. Once you're comfortable with Part 3 (below), turn on the music (Dancing Queen, version from the Mamma Mia! motion picture) and dance along.

I break all of this down, first, facing toward you. I have already inverted my movements so that you can follow on the appropriate lead, as we will perform it in the Flash Mob. That means, consider me your "mirror image." If I say right, I mean your actual right. When watching me face you, I'll be mimicking your movements just as if you are looking in a mirror. Don't overthink that-- "she's saying right, but it's really her left." (Leave the overthinking to me).

In the end, I'll turn around so that you can watch my backside and follow me, step-by-step, move-by-move, in tandem. We should be moving in synchrony.

I try to keep the tutorials under 5-minutes, but this one had enough to chew on that we nearly doubled that. Mea culpa. I'll make it up to you in Part 4. (Get excited for Part 4. It's a fun one: "You're a Teaser, You Turn 'Em On." I would say "OMGeez, my mother's going to be watching this! But my mother's going to be doing this! LOVE!!).

By providing you with these short pieces, whether you can attend the next Zoom Live practice (on Wednesday, July 7 at 6pm CST) or not, you'll be totally prepared for the real deal Flash Mob, which will go down at 100 Blue Hole Park Georgetown, TX 78626 at 6pm CST on my 40th birthday, Wed, Aug. 11. {For those who can stay and play after the Flash Mob, we'll have drinks at El Monumento. El Mon is an interior Mexican restaurant with a contemporary twist, adjacent to Blue Hole Park}.

So, for the next 8 #ShakeYourBumDaySunday sessions, you'll progressively learn ALL the choreography (which no longer includes jumping in the San Gabriel River at the end).

If you can attend the next Zoom Live session, where we put it all together on Wed, July 7 at 6pm CST, please register at

If you don't plan on attending a practice, but will be at the "real deal" August 11 at 6pm CST, please email me at so that I know to plan on your presence.

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