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BB Well Workout 2: Cycle

If your Peloton bike has been collecting dust and coats since 2020, time to brush it off and get to riding. This 8-minute indoor cycling workout can be done on any bike. I ride on the Johnny G Spirit Bike.

In this workout, expect a challenge for both your body and mind. It features two drills, each with increasing intensity over time. The first 4-minutes are Resistance Loading, which means the cadence (revolutions-per-minute) will stay steady at 65 RPM, but the resistance (tension) will increase 5 times. The last 4-minutes are Cadence Loading, which means the resistance will stay steady at medium, but the cadence (speed) will increase from 60 RPM by 10 ROM every 40-seconds for 5 increases and a finish at 110 RPM! "Cadence Loading" was coined by the legendary inventor of Spinning, Johnny Goldberg (Johnny G). As a Johnny G Master Trainer, I use this terminology for the drill. You may be familiar with it by its more modern name, Spin Ups.

Johnny G, the inventor of Spinning

If you have a little more time to ride, some fellow Master Trainers and I have 12 free rides available at (I'm particularly fond of the positive message in rides led by Ayla Donlin). A serious pant-kicker of a cycling session is the "All-Terrain Race Ride" that's featured in the Premium Workout Video library at It's a $4.99 download. That's a one-time fee of $4.99 and it's yours to ride, over and over. Scroll down to the bottom of the premium videos, and you'll find that ride listed second to last.

Interested in more information about performance-based indoor cycling? Check out this webinar I led with the Spirit Fitness team in December 2021.

If you visit Austin, TX, join me- live and in person- for a ride. I teach a 9am Studio Cycle class every Sunday at Life Time Austin North. I would love to ride with you, in real life.

JGSB Master Trainers, Brook Benten and Clemente Habiague, rode a century with Johnny G in Santa Barbara, CA in the Ride of Truth, May 2019.

This is the second of nine 8-minute workouts I'll be releasing in January 2022, as part of the BB Well Challenge. A fresh one will post every Tuesday and Thursday this month. Simply create a Log In account at and you'll be notified every new blog post (and we have a lot coming in January).

Let's get social- connect with me on social media on my favorite platform, Instagram. (Although you can also find me on Facebook, Strava, Twitter, and LinkedIn)


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