8-Minute Ride

In this 8-minute Indoor Cycling ride, expect a challenge for your legs, glutes, heart, lungs, and mental wherewithal! The first 4-minutes are “Resistance Loading,” which means the cadence (revolutions-per-minute) will stay steady at 65 RPM, but the resistance (tension) will increase 5 times. The last 4-minutes are “Cadence Loading,” which means the resistance will stay steady at medium, but the cadence (speed) will increase from 60 RPM by 10 ROM every 40-seconds for 5 increases and a finish at 110 RPM! Join Brook Benten, Johnny G Spirit Bike Master Trainer, for this highly metabolic express workout!

Equipment: Any Indoor Cycling Bike

Total Running Time: 10:34 Recorded Date: October 2020

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