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Sweat Like a Mother book pre-order

Pre-order Sweat Like a Mother now. This digital book will release December 2023.

The book includes 10 chapters with Brook's personal stories, with chapter-ending links to these workout videos:
Run Like a Mother (audio-guided interval run)
Cycle Like a Mother (Indoor Cycling)

Dance Like a Mother (Cardio Dance)

Barre Like a Mother (Bodyweight Barre) 

Fight Like a Mother (Cardio Kick Boxing)
Be Strong Like a Mother (Dumbbell Strength)
HIIT Like a Mother (High Intensity Interval Training)
Step Like a Mother (Step Aerobics)
Kettlebell Like a Mother (Kettlebell Ladder)

Recover Like a Mother (Yoga-Pilates)

Let's Sweat LIVE

Brook Benten will customize workouts and connect with you over Zoom or Live, In-Person, to lead a small or large group fitness class.  As a Professional Life Coach (Baylor University), Brook can lead Movement and Mindset sessions. As one of the world's top 1% of kettlebell instructors, trained under Pavel Tsatsouline (RKC, SFG, SFG II), she can lead you through kettlebell basics or intense kettlebell training for power and strength. As a choreography guru, Brook would love to lead you through cardio kickboxing, Step, or bodyweight movin' and groovin' to the beat.
Whether you're looking for conference presentation, corporate wellness, or hosting a fitness-inspired party at your home (which, by the way, is way more fun than a alcohol party), Brook can serve you.

Contact Brook via the "TTMG" link above to schedule a custom LIVE class!

With these workouts, you can get your children involved. They are the resistance equipment!

... another time.

Our shop is taking a mom-break.

This one's on us. Enjoy free workout  videos here and @BrookBenten (YouTube).

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