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Let's Sweat LIVE

Brook Benten will customize workouts and connect with you over Zoom to lead a small or large group fitness class, which can be streamed worldwide!  During this season where it's safest to stay at home, why not consider the following:

-rally your closest girlfriends for a Zoom Fitness Vino & Vinyasa (let Brook lead you through power yoga, then stay on Zoom to virtually raise a glass with your besties)

-Mom's Group "Mommy & Me" workout (get your children off their devices and in a fun workout class)

-Corporate Wellness- just because you're all working from home doesn't mean you cannot workout together!

Contact Brook via the "TTMG" link above to schedule a custom LIVE Zoom class!

FREE At-Home Workout Videos


Complete workouts, from 8-mins to >1hr!

Tons of variety- many formats

No-equipment (bodyweight only) options!


Purchase NEW professional Brook Benten Fitness videos only

It's 2022.  Moms have no time, childcare, gym membership, or weight equipment.

Sweat like a mother with these workouts, getting your children involved.

Premium Brook Benten
Workout Videos

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