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W is for Windmill

A windmill is a full-body exercise that improves strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. This move is often performed with a kettlebell. It’s best to begin with body weight only to “nail” all of the moving parts, then maybe add equipment … Continue reading

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Mamabear by BB

One week to go until I give birth to baby number two.  I have decided that after baby, I will be keeping a blog on my own, personal, journey as a mom, wife, fitness professional, and deliriously sleep-deprived human being. … Continue reading

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Musings from a Pregnant Fit Mom

Seven and a half months down, one and a half to go.  This has been, by most standards, an easy pregnancy.  But this post is to keep it real.  I’m a second time mom, so I knew the ins and … Continue reading

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My 1-month Dietary Changes

  Whether it be boredom, OCD, or the pressure of a fitness modeling photo shoot coming up, I was ready to challenge myself and make a change when National Nutrition Month came around this year. Although my words and actions … Continue reading

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