Total Running Time: 40:00
Brook Benten’s newest release! 

Hardstyle Kettlebell features the very best in kettlebell education, led by StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor, Brook Benten.  The video includes a technique tutorial that breaks down movements, including dead lifts, Hardstyle 2-handed kettlebell swings, cleans, presses, windmills, high pulls, snatches, and Turkish Get Ups.  Next, put the GF-KBELL45_BackPanel_RV0516knowledge to action in the Variable Intensity Interval Training workout that will challenge even the fittest fitness enthusiast!  This is Brook’s first GoFit kettlebell DVD that follows the Hardstyle method- a change that will delight kettlebell advocates that embrace the traditional way of training with kettlebells for strength and power performance!

CardioPump™ Membership
The program that allows you to sweat with Brook every day!

Get immediate access to online member-exclusive workout videos, led by Brook Benten!  As an added  bonus of joining the membership, Brook Benten’s entire soft-style kettlebell-based  DVD library will be shipped to your residence ($100 value).  That’s right, you’ll be shipped 6 DVDs and over 4.5 hours of body-changing workouts!  This membership is like having Brook Benten as your own personal trainer!!!  Don’t delay, join today for the unbeatable deal of $149/year!  Renewal is your choice (no auto-remewal).  Experience a variety of member-exclusie workouts with Brook.  Just to name a few- CardioPraise: The Worship Workout, Double Hardstyle Kettlebell, SandBell, HIIT, Plyo Box 3 Ways, Step Aerobics, and Dance-Based Strength!  There’s so much to love about the membership program.  Join today at


Buy any GoFit kettlebell, get Kettlebell Beginnings DVD by Brook Benten

Total Running Time: 40:00
Kettlebell Beginnings is a world-class DVD, led by nationally acclaimed fitness instructor, Brook Benten. All GoFit kettlebell purchased come complete with this DVD! The Technique Tutorial chapter teaches components of the bell; how to squat, rack, and press; as well as proper form for performing exercises such as kettlebell swings, curvilinear rows, halos, figure 8s, stiff-legged windmills, and more. The Kettlebell Basics chapter is the ultimate 25-minute non-stop, cardio, strength, and power challenge! The Turkish Getup chapter gives step-by-step instruction to teach a safe Turkish Getup for all fitness levels. Kettlebell Beginnings concludes with a deeply relaxing stretch chapter. The Kettlebell Basics workout is ideal for use of a lighter kettlebell; three short sets of the exercises shown in the Technique Tutorial chapter will be ideal for use with a heavier kettlebell. GoFit kettlebell purchases come complete with a copy of Kettlebell Beginnings by Brook Benten.
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GoFit Core Ab Ball with Intro to Core Ball DVD
Total Running Time: 30:00
Intro to Core Ab Ball is a world class DVD, designed to maximize the time you spend strengthening the abdominals. All GoFit Core Ab Ball purchases come complete with this DVD! The Core Ab Ball intensifies work for the middle muscles and provides more effective toning for the abs than you could ever get from matwork alone. Nationally acclaimed fitness instructor, Brook Benten, M.Ed., ACSM-HFS, will explain the anatomy of the abdominal cavity and which muscles fire during different core-focused movements, then lead you through the ultimate 22-minute core workout chapter. “Core” muscles are the skeletal muscles between the shoulder girdle and hip flexors (front, back, and side-to-side); the core workout chapter in GoFit Intro to Core Ab Ball DVD hones in primarily on the abdominals.
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GoFit ProGym with Intro to ProGym DVD
Total Running Time: 45:00
Intro to ProGym is a world class DVD, designed for every strength and fitness level. All GoFit ProGym purchases come complete with this DVD! The Full-Body Workout chapter is a non-stop resistance training workout that will tone from head to toe! ProGym Basics chapter thoroughly explains the exercises that will be demonstrated in the workout chapter, which muscles the respective exercise targets, proper posture, safety tips, and technique demonstration. The Ultimate ProGym comes with three different levels of resistance tubing, ranging from 5-15-lbs of tension; different bands or band combinations will be suggested according to your strength for each exercise. In Intro to ProGym, nationally acclaimed fitness instructor, Brook Benten, M.Ed., ACSM-HFS, will guide you through a fantastic full-body muscular endurance workout.
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GoFit Core Stability Ball with Intro to Stability Ball DVD
Total Running Time: 35:00
Intro to Stability Ball is a world class DVD, designed for all fitness levels. All GoFit Stability Ball purchases come complete with this DVD! Expect a full-body resistance training workout, with great focus on the abdominals. Exercises include crunches, reverse crunches, pikes, tucks, push-ups, hip bridges, hamstring curls, back extensions, and more! The Basics chapter is a safety and technique tutorial. The Blast chapter is a non-stop, no mercy, full-body workout that will challenge even the advanced stability ball user. In Intro to Stability Ball, nationally acclaimed fitness instructor, Brook Benten, M.Ed., ACSM-HFS, will challenge you, motivate you, and recommend modifications and variations depending on your strength and familiarity with the stability ball.
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Kettlebell: Butts & Guts DVD
Total Running Time: 65:00
On clearance sale for only $10

This is an extremely intense workout, designed for the fitness enthusiast seeking a higher level in human performance. Kettlebell: Butts & Guts trains power, cardio, and strength, and delivers one enormous kick in the pants in all three categories. Be ready to shake up your stale routine, shock your body, and rock your world! Chapters include: Intro, Safety, and Technique; Warm-up; Kettlebell: Butts & Guts; Fast-Track Express Butts & Guts; Fast-Track Express Kettlebell Abs; and Cool-Down. This is a revisited edition of this title. The original edition was recorded in 2008, and revisited was recorded in 2010. This revisited edition includes new music, venue, lighting, post-workout dead lifts, new abdominal exercises, and completely different warm-up from the original version.
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Cardiopump Fusion DVD
Total Running Time: 75:00
on clearance sale for only $10

Cardiopump Fusion takes the mundane out of your aerobic routine. Shock your body with this intense fusion of Power Yoga, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Plyometrics, and Sports Drills. Also, mix things up with Brook’s two featured kettlebell workouts! Put a fork in your stale workout and open your mind to an alternative where you can have it all: a change, a challenge, and a total body metamorphosis. Chapters include: Power Yoga Warm-Up; Cardiopump Fusion (no equipment needed); Cardio Kettlebell: Lower Body Blast; Kettlebell Crank: Full-body Conditioning; and Relaxation Bliss: Yoga-derived Cool-Down. Click here to view trailer. 

Kettlebody by Brook 3-DVD
Total Running Time: 90:00
On clearance sale for only $20

Kettlebody by Brook is a boxed set of three DVDs: Cardio Kettlebell (30-minute cardio, power, and strength workout), Yogaburn (30-minutes of Power Yoga blended with Athletic Conditioning: Cardio strength, and flexibility), and Bell Body Sculpt (30-minutes of full-body toning, using your body weight and a kettlebell). The program is designed to be done sequentially, with Cardio Kettlebell on day 1, Yogaburn on day 2, and Bell Body Sculpt on day 3 then repeat that sequence for days 4, 5, and 6. Take day 7 as a rest day. Boy following this regiment for 8 uninterrupted weeks, in addition to eating a healthy and balanced diet, for 8-weeks, you will render a “Kettlebody” by Brook. Click here to view trailer.

Bundle ALL Clearance DVDs for $40
Kettlebell: Butts & Guts + CardioPump Fusion + Kettlebody by Brook
{Bundling saves you $8 on shipping!}Kettlebell: Butts & Guts

Cardiopump Fusion

Kettlebody by Brook

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