20 Minutes to Slim and Sculpted

This “20 Minutes to Slim and Sculpted” SandBell® workout was featured in the September 2012 issue of Prevention Magazine.  In video, I explain each exercise.  That video will post early January 2015!  (HERE it is: http://www.hyperwear.com/blog/20-minute-sandbell-workout/ http://www.hyperwear.com/blog/20-minute-sandbell-workout-part-2/) Here is a … Continue reading

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Mmmm, Mmmm Christmas Cookies

Tis the season!  I love the idea of baking cookies for friends.  I love the idea of loved ones opening up their mailboxes to fresh homemade goodie surprises.  My heart is in the right place.  My inability to resist eating … Continue reading

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To Answer When I’m Going to Have Another…

My “ba-aaaby” turns 21-months old this Saturday.  For me, I’m just trying to seize the day and cherish each moment.  For most other people- even strangers I meet at the gym- the burning question is “when are you going to … Continue reading

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Why Dieting to Fit in your Dress May Ruin Your 2015

I’m a personal trainer.  I’m in the business of helping people lose weight.  But I’m tired- SO tired- of helping people diet.  I can do either!  I am fully capable of helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle that you can … Continue reading

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