11 of Brook’s Fave Bodyweight Moves

Leo Lions are creative, fun-loving, and energetic!  Being a Leo, myself, I decided to create an August countdown (count up) of my favorite bodyweight moves.  From August 1-August 11, I instructed a new move each day and layered it on top of the exercises leading up to then.  August 11, my birthday, was the grand finale of 11 of my favorite bodyweight exercises, all put together!  Whether you’re a Leo Lion, too (Happy Birthday to you!) or not, I hope you’ll enjoy these 11 bodyweight moves, put together into a 4-minute workout!


1 Dive-bomber +
2 Plank Shoulder Taps +
3 Clap Push-Ups +
4 Breakdancers +
5 Hip Openers to Backbends +
6 Pop Jacks +
7 Burpees +
8 Floor Taps +
9 Triple Lateral Bounds to Tuck Jumps +
10 Pivot Lunges +
11 Quick, Quick, Slow Plyo Lunges

For a video explanation of each move, see the CardioPump Fitness Facebook page.

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