X is for X Jumps

X Jumps are cardio exercises that work the gluteus medius and minimus; the lateral deltoids; and the core. In other words, they work the same muscles as jumping jacks– but the intensity is much greater! An “X Jump” is a jumping jack performed in the air.

Step 1: Bend your hips and knees slightly and hold your arms in toward your chest.

Step 2: Jump up and spread your arms and legs out wide in the air to form an “X.”

Step 3: Land lightly, toe-to-heel, as you return to the floor. (Also, be sure to wear the right footwear for high impact exercise. I recommend Ryka cross trainers for women).

Modify an X Jump the same way you would a jumping jack- keep one leg stable on the ground and abduct the other leg out to the side. Come to a shallow squat as you transition between legs. If you have pain in hips, knees, or lower back- or if you are new to exercise- opt for the modification!

“X” is for X Jumps!
Do one-minute of this move…

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