W is for Windmill

A windmill is a full-body exercise that improves strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. This move is often performed with a kettlebell. It’s best to begin with body weight only to “nail” all of the moving parts, then maybe add equipment in time to come!
Brook Benten kettlebell windmill
Step 1: Take a stance slightly wider than hips width. Turn the toes of the base leg forward and the toes of the free leg towards the side wall. Lift the arm on the base side up towards the ceiling.

Step 2: Bend the free knee. Barely apply any pressure into that foot. Push your weight through the base leg, darting the hip out and back.

Step 3: Slide your hand on the free side down the free leg* with palm facing out. Tip equal and opposite, stopping the movement before your top shoulder starts tipping downward. Slide back up with arms equal and opposite.

*In the video, I reference this as the “loose” leg.  You should relax through the muscles on the free side.  The loose side just provides you with balance.  Put the burden of body weight load on the muscles of the base leg.

“W” is for Windmill
Perform 1-minute of this move…
(30-seconds on each side)

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